Geophysics Expert Webinar

State of art in applied geophysics - Focus on passive seismic methods

Join our first Sixense “Geophysics Expert Webinar”


A one-hour interactive webinar with the following objectives:

  • What is passive seismic noise? What are the advantages of using it?
  • Most common passive geophysical methods and their principles
  • Focus on passive tomography by seismic interferometry
  • Case studies of passive 3D tomography


Our two experts will mainly focus on passive tomography by seismic interferometry, or the so called Sissterra solution at Sixense.
Do not hesitate to invite your geophysicist colleagues or other curious scientists or engineers.


Registration open !

Meet us Tuesday November 23 at 1 p.m


The speakers
Seismic expert
Maria holds a PHD in seismology, completed with postdoctoral research on seismic interferometry and seismic anisotropy. At Sixense, she is responsible for the expertise on all seismic processing, with a special focus on passive tomography and monitoring.
Geophysicist Engineer
Simon is an enthusiastic geologist/geophysicist. He is the R&D manager in the geophysics team of Sixense Engineering and also the product owner and leader of Sissterra, a solution based on passive seismic for geotechnical issues.

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