Securing the operation and durability of your bridges

Sixense is committed to supporting you in meeting your bridge management challenges:

  • Inventory the heritage
  • Know the state of health of the heritage
  • Ensure operational safety
  • Assess the level of service and monitoring load-bearing capacity
  • Assess the resilience of bridges to climate change
  • Optimize resources to ensure the sustainability of the works (human and financial resources)


Our solutions support you in all stages of your bridge management

Our solutions are customised to meet your specific needs.

We ensure the safety of your structures and make them “intelligent” thanks to a wide range of cross-disciplinary and specialised offers based on the latest technologies and digital technology.

  • We map the bridges for which you are responsible to assist you in the inventory of your assets
  • We assess the vulnerability of bridges, identify risk situations and monitor load-bearing capacity
  • We inspect the bridges and check their apparent condition, inspect and assess the condition of the materials and continuously monitor the behaviour of the bridges
  • We support you in adapting bridges to the consequences of climate change
  • We help you to optimise your maintenance by supporting you in building your strategy and defining multi-year work programmes
  • We provide you with a secure data centralisation platform
  • We transform your data into information: visualisation, analysis and comparison of results