Eolesense promotes and facilitates early-stage anticipation and control of your risks, leaving you free to make the most reliable assessment of how acoustically sensitive your wind farm projects are.



Breaking with the tradition of sequential acoustic impact studies

Our patented method is based on 3 essential principles:

  • More accurate calculations
    Contrary to current methodologies, Eolesense  does not rely on average meteorological data, but uses an integrated detailed digital simulator to calculate every elementary condition encountered during the measurement campaign.
  • Real-time analyses
    To assess measurement quality and project acoustic sensitivity even before the study is complete. Whether sourced from measurements or forecast calculations, Eolesense acoustic and meteorological data can be viewed via our Geoscope platform.
  • A higher level of process digitisation and machine learning
    Every link in the data acquisition and processing chain is automated, right through to noise propagation calculation. The machine learning algorithms we use allow us to conduct additional analyses, such as forecasting residual noise in varying weather conditions, automatic data clustering and optimising constraint-driven issue resolution.