You care about the state of your buildings and so do we!

Our experts support you throughout the life of your structures. We assess the state of health and conservation of your structures in terms of their ageing, changes in their defects and operational contingencies (fires, mechanical deficiencies of materials, etc.).
The durability of materials and residual lifespan of your structures are assessed and we offer solutions to ensure the sustainability of your buildings in line with your sustainable development concerns.

You need to improve the protection of your property portfolio, increase your operations and address climatic uncertainty: our experts are there to support you in making your infrastructure more resilient.



Our missions

Whether you are an infrastructure manager, distributor or manufacturer, our teams can help you to preserve your physical property and ensure a perfect match between the durability of your structures, the planning of your investments and your operational objectives.

We offer support at every stage of your project – from taking on a concession or purchasing property, to rehabilitation, operation, dealing with an incident, terminating a concession or resale – and we can provide:

  • Quality control of the materials in place
  • Testing and diagnostics of structural defects
  • Control and monitoring of protection and reinforcement systems
  • Assessment of durability indicators and lifespan indicators
  • Modelling of the residual lifespan of materials and infrastructure
  • Calculation of reinforcement dimensioning and cathodic protection design
  • Definition of repair treatments for your structures and materials
corrosion sur joint de pont

Solutions for each defect

Whether mechanical, chemical or physico-chemical, each defect requires an in-depth expert diagnosis in order to establish its seriousness, extent, state of progress and origin. Our teams have unparalleled experience and have worked for more than 25 years on problems of:

  • Corrosion
  • Internal sulphate attack ( DEF Delayed ettingite formation)
  • Alkali-silica reaction (ASR)
  • Freezing and thawing
  • Chemical attacks or mechanical deterioration
  • Design defects