Sixense supports your teams with implementation of their on-site projects.

We offer our technical input to extend your safety and security capabilities in Nuclear facilities.

We offer technical and human resources support at every stage of your design and build projects and worksites.

Our services include:

  • The sharing of experience and technical skills
  • Analysis of technical solution suitability and alignment with regulatory requirements
  • Taking responsibility for project organisation and monitoring
  • Checking the technical clients of projects and ensuring that implementation deadlines are met


Technical Support for MEEI (Installation Maintenance to Exceptional Standards)

Our experts in maintenance, coatings and paint finishes work as members of your own teams to:

  • Lead projects to apply all types of coating
  • Supervise application contractors in accordance with site directives
  • Check and ensure correct application
  • Supervise project worksites
  • Validate technical solutions
  • Prepare project completion reports
  • Provide warranty follow-up

We have an unrivalled level of experience and unique expertise in coatings.
Our specialists are widely recognised for their extreme flexibility and ability to provide informed advice about the most appropriate technical choices for particular hazards.

Technical Support - Civil Engineering missions

We provide our services as part of maintaining and/or modifying civil engineering and fire sectorisation structures:

  • Data collection, monitoring and inspection of on-site investigations
  • Technical validation of the maintenance and modification solutions adopted
  • Worksite scheduling, organisation and monitoring
  • Supervising contractors in accordance with site directives
  • Inspecting the quality of finished work
  • Preparing completion reports
  • Providing warranty follow-up
  • Assignments extended to include investigations and roads and utilities projects

Supervision of special projects - Project technical input

By combining our expertise in civil engineering and coatings with our long experience of working in nuclear environments, Sixense is able to provide support for complex technical assignments:

  • Advice and validation of technical decision suitability for addressing on-site issues
  • Provision of qualification-based training for supervisory staff (client and service providers)
  • Introduction of on-site work monitoring protocols
  • Provision of on site teams of technical inspectors
  • 3×8 shift working for sites with very restricted environments
  • Progress monitoring reports
  • Proposals for solutions to optimise completion times
  • Preparing project completion reports and incorporation of feedback


Our laboratory promotes and extends its skills by providing support for the energy industry, providing services and conducting analyses and tests.

We have been providing the Organic Products and Laboratory Support team of the EDF DIPNN – CEIDRE Industrial Department with technical support for 7 years.

EDF DT and EDF DI also use us to provide technical support for sampling, analytical measurement and physical chemistry measurement. These tests may be carried out in our laboratory or on site.

To find out more about our laboratory services, please visit this page.