Deira Waterfront Development | United Arab Emirates

Project summary

Service provided:  Instrumentation and Monitoring (I&M) Services during Construction Activities
Location:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Client:  China State, SsangYong, Dutch Foundations, Beaver Gulf, APCC
Period of the service:  2018-2022
Duration of service:  4 years

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Deira Waterfront Development:


Deira is one of the oldest communities in Dubai, its trading legacy cornerstone, a place of traditions where it all started. Although. it may not have recently been as trendy and fashionable as areas like the Dubai Marina or Downtown, the Deira Enrichment Project aims at giving Deira back its importance and place in the spotlight, with an expansion of its waterfront and its fabled Souq.


The Deira Waterfront mega development project, spanning over 5 km of waterfront, and covering more than 100ha, is located in the northern part of Deira. The project’s masterplan envisages the expansion of the waterfront in two phases, making it the centerpiece of the district. This plan includes new retail spaces and a strip of restaurants and stores along the creek, creating a bustling promenade with a range of hotels.


Being that close to Two Critical Transportation Hubs, the Shindagha tunnel and the Dubai Metro Green Line, a comprehensive Instrumentation and Monitoring (I&M) plan was set up by the various project stakeholders to mitigate the impact of the construction activities.


Sixense Solution & Added Value:


Being that large, the Dubai Waterfront Development has been split into almost 20 plots, each divided into an enabling works then a construction package.


Sixense has so far been contracted on 7 plots and more than 10 packages, and is currentlty the largest contractor involved in carrying out the instrumentation and automatic monitoring activities, providing Main Contractors, various Consultants and Major Stakeholders such as RTA (“Roads & Maintenance Department” & “Rail Agency” divisions), Serco, Parsons, COWI, DAR CE, AE7 with real-time data for the Shindagha Tunnel and Green Metro Line, and daily monitoring data for the excavations.


The I&M system was set to assess, control and ensure the stability of the tunnels during the construction phase, while some of the instrumentation aims at monitoring the deflection of the shoring wall during the execution phase of the enabling works. Shindagha tunnel I&M is meant to be permanent.


Project Key figures

100 optical prisms
10 Shindagha tunnel instrumented sections
10 Green Metro tunnel instrumented sections
50 Support of excavation instruments
100 Various structural datalogged sensors
1 Unified database to access all monitoring data

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