SHM system on Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium | Kuwait

Project summary

Service provided:  Structural health monitoring activities
Location:  Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Client:  Public Authority for Sport Al Kharafi Construction
Period of the service:  2019 - 2020
Duration of service:  2 years
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

The iconic stadium of a whole country


Jaber al-Ahmad International Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in the Ardhiyah area of Kuwait City. With a capacity of 60,000 seats, spread on 4 levels, it was built to be Kuwait’s sporting landmark, a replica of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.


Thorough renovation in 2014-2015 allowed for it to reopen in late 2015, since when it became the host site of Kuwait’s Cup finals as well as other domestic and international events.


Sixense involvement


Additional banners and advertisement screens will need to be secured to the stadium inner catwalks, beyond the original stadium design in order to ensure the catwalks are not overloaded, they need to be instrumented, then monitored before, during, and after the loading sequence is to take place. The monitoring activities should then remain during the service life of the stadium as the impact of the wind on the structure needs to be assessed.


In order to do so, Sixense proceeded to instrument the 4 hanging cables of 14 identified “baskets” each with a strandmeter, while the 4 sensors of each basket were connected to a 4-node datalogger for automatic data acquisition and transfer. The monitoring data is then centralized to 1 datalogging gateway, and the data reduction is processed automatically on a server hosted in the client’s IT network.


A live access to the monitoring data was enabled through Sixense web-based GIS software Geoscope 7, allowing the project stakeholders to know in real-time the load of each basket.

Project Key figures

60 vibrating wire strandmeters
15 4 channel datalogging nodes
2 datalogging gateways
24 months of Geoscope 7 license

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