Jebel Ali Sewerage System Network | United Arab Emirates

Project summary

Service provided:  Instrumentation and monitoring of RTA assets during tunnel boring activities
Location:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Client:  M.A. Kharafi & Sons
Period of the service:  2021
Duration of service:  8 months

Images of the project

A critical upgrade of Dubai’s sewerage network:


Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant, along with its extensive sewerage network system is set to interconnect Jebel Ali to Dubai Municipality network and ensures that all of Dubai’s sewage is treated up to international standards and without environmental nuisance when millions of visitors are expected to touch down in Dubai for EXPO 2020.


A project of this magnitude is unprecedented in the GCC region, it will upgrade Dubai’s wastewater network, and aims at tackling water scarcity in the region in a more sustainable manner.



Dubai Municipality Assets in the vicinity of excavation works:


Shafts and microtunnel lie adjacent to RTA structures, an instrumentation and monitoring plan was therefore instructed. It was carried out by Sixense.
Following an initial pre-condition survey carried out by Sixense, both the ground and RTA assets in the influence area of the excavation works were instrumented and monitored during 8 months.


The groundwater level was monitored using 2 standpipe piezometers, 2 of the 6 shafts were instrumented with 3 sections of 3 optical prisms, and the ground between the busy Al Yalayis and the bored tunnel was instrumented with more than 30 levelling points.


The MSE wall on which the road is built was also instrumented with optical prisms, and vibration monitoring was carried out.


The collected data enabled the assessment of the interaction effects of the proposed construction activities on surrounding structures. A post-condition survey was carried out, highlighting the changes between the status before and after the excavation works.

Project Key figures

2 Shafts monitored with sections of optical prisms
10 Prisms on road MSE wall
30 Levelling points along Al Yalayis road
2 Real-time vibration recording units
2 Standpipe piezometers
8 Months of daily measurements

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