Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway | Bahrain

Project summary

Service provided:  PT Cables Condition Assessment in 4 bridges
Location:  Bahrain, Sheikh Issa Bin Salman Highway
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Client:  Haji Hassan Group & Bahrain Ministry of Works
Period of the service:  2021
Duration of service:  2 months

Bahrain Vision 2030:

The Economic Vision 2030, which was launched by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, is a comprehensive economic vision for Bahrain, providing a clear direction for the continued development of the Kingdom’s economy and, at its heart, is a shared goal of building a better life for every Bahraini.

Ensuring proper planning and coordination in order to deliver high-quality infrastructure, utilities, and public transportation is a strategic element of that vision.

Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway leads the kingdom’s capital Manama to Dammam through the King Fahd Causeway, it therefore comes with no surprise that its widening along with Jasrah Interchange Upgrade works are vital projects to accomplish Bahrain Vision 2030.


Condition Assessment of crucial bridges:

As part of the Jasra Grade Interchange Reconfiguration works under the Ministry of Works in Bahrain, Sixense was assigned the comprehensive site inspection and evaluation of the post-tension (PT) cables of 4 crucial prestressed bridges in Bahrain, all located along the Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway: Janabiyah, Sehla, Tubli and Umm Al Hassam bridges.

The objective of the mission is to assess the condition of the PT cables of the bridges by performing the following:
– Detection of post-tension cables positions using ground penetrating radar (GPR)
– Detection of potential voids in PT cables using ultrasonic tomography
– Performing window breakouts
– Actual tension measurement using Sixense’s Crossbow test

The added value of Sixense on this project is to provide data obtained from site inspection and high-end non-destructive tools to assist the client in completing the structural analysis and assessment of the bridges.

Sixense’s works proved to be a major added value and cost saver to the client.

Project Key figures

30 GPR Scan Surveys
30 MIRA Ultrasonic Tomography
30 Recognition Windows Opened
15 Crossbow Tests Carried Out
40 Chloride Content Tests on Grout