Thames Tideway Tunnel East | UK

Project summary

Service provided:  Instrumentation & Monitoring during construction of the London 'Super Sewer'.
Location:  London, United Kingdom
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Client:  Costain Vinci Bachy JV
Period of the service:  2017
Duration of service:  6 Years

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The Project

The Tideway Scheme consists of designing and building a system for wastewater and stormwater transfer and storage in central London.  The project comprises the construction of 32 kilometres of tunnels to increase the capacity of the existing network.


This ambitious project aims to intercept wastewater and stormwater and divert these into treatment plants to prevent effluents into the River Thames.


A Joint venture between VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Costain Limited and Bachy Soletanche Ltd are constructing the eastern section of the project. This package connects Chambers Wharf and the Abbey Mills Pumping Station where the Lee Tunnel starts in East London. It consists of the design and construction of two tunnel sections: a main 5.5-km tunnel and a connecting 4.6-km tunnel.


You can find out more about the Thames Tideway project here.



Construction Risk Management

Constructing one of the worlds largest tunnels, and some of the deepest shafts in the UK, requires a significant monitoring scheme to be installed on adjacent buildings and infrastructure to protect them during the construction phase.


Sixense were appointed by main contractor Costain Vinci Bachy JV to provide the structural, geotechnical & environmental monitoring on the project in 2016.


The scope we have been appointed to deliver includes:-


Thames Tideway East InSAR Monitoring


  • Settlement and deformation monitoring of the Diaphragm Walls at 5 Nos. shaft sites.


  • Monitoring of the DLR flyover and adjacent river wall at Greenwich Pumping Station.


  • Monitoring of the Rotherhithe Road Tunnel, Brunel Tunnel, Crossrail Running Tunnels west of Canary Wharf Station, District Line and Network Rail lines west of West Ham Station and the Jubilee Line at Bermondsey Station using Tiltmeters and Tiltbeams.



  • Atlas InSAR Ground Settlement Satellite monitoring including a retrospective baseline completed for the TBM route in advance of main works contract.


  • Concrete Pathology Testing on Diaphragm wall panels (in partnership with Sixense In-Situ)

Project Key figures

401 Tiltmeters
29 Inclinometers / IPI Arrays
9 Piezometers
10 Magnet Extensometers
21 Noise Monitors
12 Air Quality Monitors
6 Shape Acceleration Arrays