Bab Louta dam – Commissioning of Dam Pendulums and Instrumentation l Morrocco

Project summary

Service provided:  Commissioning of Dam Pendulums and Instrumentation
Location:  Bousbaa wadi, Morocco
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Client:  Direction de l’hydraulique
Period of the service:  January 2018 - April 2018
Duration of service:  4 months
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

A sensitive dam

Bab Louta Dam is located in Bousbaa wadi (upstream of Bouhlou wadi), 10km upstream of Tahla, and about 40km to the South West of Tazaa. The main function of this dam is the supply of drinking water to Tazaa, city of 150,000 inhabitants. The dam was first impounded at the beginning of 2000.

Because of its strategic importance and past issues (including signs of instability and significant leakage following its original impoundment), the Direction des Aménagements Hydrauliques, in charge of the dam operations, decided to launch extensive rehabilitation works, including waterproofing injections, new surcharge set-up, and the commissioning of an instrumentation system to monitor the long-term behavior of the dam.

A unique expertise

Due to our comprehensive knowledge of dam rehabilitation works, the Main Contractor Sodemique contracted Sixense to supply and install the new instrumentation for the Dam. A system aimed at ensuring the control of the injection works, as well as assessing the stability of the dam during and after the rehabilitation works.

The instrumentation system commissioned in the dam comprises of 4 pendulums (2 direct and 2 inverted), a network of piezometric and leakage measurement sensors, as well as a topographical survey point network and a weather station.

Project Key figures

4 pendulums along with their optical coordinometers
1 A network of piezometric and leakage sensors + 1 weather station
1 A network of topographical survey points
1 Station météo

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