Climate Resilience – Accra-Tema Motorway | Ghana

Project summary

Service provided:  Preliminary assessment of climate change vulnerability
Location:  Accra, Ghana
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Client:  VINCI Concessions
Period of the service:  2019 - 2019
Duration of service:  2 months
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

Incorporating the climate consideration from the project design stage

As part of a response to a call for bids, Vinci Concessions wanted to take into account the potential infrastructure impacts of climate change as early as possible on the project, in order to adapt its preliminary design, its maintenance plans and the economic model.


Preliminary assessment of climate change vulnerability

Our Resallience engineering office, a specialist in climate resilience, was able to provide its advice and expertise to the customer at various stages:

  1. An assessment of infrastructure’s exposure to climate risks and climate factors by 2050, including a literature review and climate data analysis.
  2. Identification of critical issues for infrastructure in view of flood risks.
  3. The creation of maps summarising the infrastructure’s exposure and vulnerability to floods, dust storms and fires.
  4. A focus on the risks of flooding to validate the choice of drainage systems.

Project Key figures

31,7 7km requiring rehabilitation
80% of disasters are climate-related
14 major floods since 1995
9 climatic risks assessed by Resallience

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