Climate Resilience – Patras-Pyrgos Motorway Project | Greece

Project summary

Service provided:  Assessment of climate change risks and impacts
Location:  Patras-Pyrgos, Greece
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Client:  Olympia Odos
Period of the service:  2020
Duration of service:  Three months
Sixense solutions used: 

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Taking climatic factors into account in the project

Olympia Odos wanted to assess the vulnerability to climate change of its infrastructure and its environment. The concession-holder wanted to be able to predict the impacts of climate change on the basis of existing data.
Its main objective was to identify current and future risks and opportunities associated with climate change, throughout the Patras-Pyrgos (PA-PY) section, and to highlight critical areas.


Sixense appointed to assess climate change risks and impacts

The study was subdivided into three tasks:

  1. Development of the existing climatic phenomena database and establishment of modelling
  • Detailed analysis of adverse weather phenomena (historical and current).
  • Application of a series of models to assess the situation (current and future).
  • Use of the WRF meteorological model to assess the consequences of extreme weather conditions in the future.


  1. Assessment of flood risk and its impact on infrastructure
  • Assessment of changes to recurrence intervals between now and 2050.
  • Identification of challenges in flood zones and re-examination of associated recurrence intervals.
  • Cartographic analysis of the various flood-prone sections.
  1. Assessment of the main impacts in terms of OPEX and CAPEX, recommended solutions to adapt to flooding and heat waves.

Project Key figures

2038 last year of the concession
11 sections identified as at risk of flooding

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