Diagnosis of Vale Dry Ore Storage 2 | Indonesia

Project summary

Service provided:  Diagnosis of the glulam timber structure
Location:  Sorowako, Indonesia
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Client:  PT Vale Indonesia Tbk, Freyssinet Indonesia
Period of the service:  2019 - 2019
Duration of service:  2 months

Images of the project


PT Vale Indonesia Tbk operates two dry ore storage at its Sorowako Process Plant – Dry Ore Storage 1 (DOS #1) and Dry Ore Storage 2 (DOS #2). Both facilities were built at the time of plant set-up in the 1970s. They consist of glue-laminated timber arch structures with timber purlins, clad with profile metal sheeting.

The DOS #2 has suffered a deterioration of its structure caused by environmental and operational activities.


Our services

Prior to the design of the repair & protection works, the diagnosis aimed to provide an up-to-date overview of the condition of the glulam timber structures inluding:

  • defects type, severity and extent, pictures and mapping using DigitalSite
  • wood specie and strength class identification
  • wood hardness and humidity conditions
  • overview of the quality and condition of the connections, secondary elements and the structure

Project Key figures

32 glulam timber arches
900 observations with DigitalSite
22 timber samples