Monitoring for the Cairo Metro – L3 Phase 3 | Egypt

Project summary

Service provided:  Automatic optical monitoring and project wide data management
Location:  Cairo, Egypt
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Client:  NAT (National Authority of Tunnels), Egyptian French JV (VINCI Group & ORASCOM)
Period of the service:  2018 - 2022
Duration of service:  4 years
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project


Cairo’s metro lines 1 and 2 have been operating for 20 years. With increasing needs and city expansion, the egyptian government is undertaking significant extension and upgrade works to the public transport network, and has launched the construction of a 3rd metro line. A french-egyptian joint venture is in charge of delivering phase 3 of the line 3 extension. This includes 17.7km of new line, fifteen new stations and eight of the stations are underground. The project entails critical works under the city centre, under sensitive locations and the construction of a tunnel under the Nile.


Sixense advanced solutions for the hard points of the project

Several technical “hard points” were identified along the project. Such sensitive and culturally vital locations needed leading-edge technologies. In 2018, Sixense successfully started its activities in Egypt by providing instrumentation and monitoring solutions for the Cairo metro project.

Sixense’s Cyclops solution was chosen in addition to live access to the monitoring data through the Web-based GIS software Geoscope 7.

Automatic optical monitoring systems are ideal to monitor critical zones, such as the areas where the construction of line 3 has to pass under the existing line 2. The monitoring covers the rail tracks, the tunnel lining and the buildings located above the intersection of the two lines. Its strong points being:

  • an autonomous solution, without human intervention
  • securing preventive data in real-time to assess unexpected settlements
  • high accuracy data
  • alarm notification in case of any movement exceedance

Besides providing its instrumentation and monitoring services for the critical locations of the project, Sixense has been providing a license for its Geoscope software. This digital tool is used to process and store the entire project monitoring data, including data from third parties.

Project Key figures

3 Automated Total Station
100 optical prisms in existing tunnels & buildings
4 years of Geoscope 7