Monitoring services for The Louvre Museum – Department of Islamic Art | France

Project summary

Service provided:  Monitoring of the cour Visconti and Daru aisle during the renovation of the museum
Location:  Paris, France
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Period of the service:  2012
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

Installation of an automatic monitoring system

The Department of Islamic Art is the newest department in the Louvre Museum. Created in 2003, its refurbishment had been underway since 2008.

In 2009, the construction of a new underground storey began, including foundation improvement works on the facades in the cour Visconti.

The works required the installation of an automatic monitoring system for the buildings in the cour Visconti and in the Daru aisle.

In order to prevent facade movements, Sixense was requested to:

  • locate and quantify the observed deformations
  • alert the project managers in the event of any movement
  • analyse the deformations

The full automation of the cour Visconti imposed substantial restraints to our team:

  • prisms installation at heights in a cherry picker
  • great care in the fixing of the prisms on the historical facades of the cour
  • very limited space for the installation works, overcrowded with numerous workers on site

The department reopened on September 22, 2012 in a completely new setting, presenting its collections with an area befitting their prominence within the museum.

Project Key figures

4 000 Cyclops
0.5 mm of accuracy

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