Reflectorless monitoring in Jebel Ali Labour City | United Arab Emirates

Project summary

Service provided:  Reflectorless monitoring of a busy road
Location:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Client:  Meraas, DX Contracting
Period of the service:  2020
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

A new development in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali Industrial Development will be located in one of Dubai’s oldest and most important industrial districts. With excellent connections to Dubai Investment Park and in close proximity to the Expo 2020 site, this development shall provide quality and affordable housing to Dubai’s large blue-collar workforce.


Monitoring road settlement Safely

In order to support the development of these facilities, a new sewage system must be put in place. To do so, the contractor opted for NDRC – Non-Destructive Road Crossing – to set up the system a micro-Tunnel Boring Machine will be used.

Although the drive diameter is small and shallow, the sewer route goes right under Al Asayel Street, the risk of settlements on an active and busy road must be mitigated.

Sixense innovative solution consisted of installing a total station on the top of a nearby building, from where the whole influence area of the TBM could be seen, and proceed with reflectorless monitoring activities to follow the road settlements.

Such a technique allowed a safe way to monitor the road in a cost-sensitive manner, whilst obtaining a density of “instrumentation” of 1 point every 2m2, without installing anything on the road! A truly innovative solution, putting an end to the use of conventional, old-fashioned, manual levelling techniques requiring specific traffic management to be organized ahead of each reading campaign.

Project Key figures

2x2m Monitoring grid
200 Points monitored

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