Topographic control in the Marseille-Fos Port | France

Project summary

Service provided:  Topographic control of the existing floating gate
Location:  Marseille, France
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Client:  Harbour Marseille - Fos Spie-Batignol
Period of the service:  2013
Duration of service:  2 years & 10 months
Sixense solutions used: 

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Set up a real-time monitoring system

The Marseille-Fos Port (“Grand Port Maritime de Marseille” or GPMM) is the Port number 1 in France and number 2 in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a wide variety of activities from industrial goods to passengers (ferries, cruise), it is also surrounded by warehouses and factories.

The Port size also allows for ship repair facilities, thanks to 9 dry-docks dedicated to vessels care and maintenance. Dry-dock 10 is the biggest dry-dock in the entire Mediterranean area.

As part of renovation works of dry-dock 10, the GPMM assigned SPIE Batignolles dry dock gate construction.

Additional renovation works also took place inside the dry dock, these included Bouygues Construction renovating the caissons for the surrounding dykes.

On the request of the GPMM and following inspections and diagnoses of the existing dry dock gate, Sixense was appointed to set up a real-time monitoring system for continuous measurement of the gate behaviour and to provide alerts in the event of any change jeopardising the gate stability and the safety of the works in the dry-dock.

One Cyclops was installed on the dry-dock for continuous monitoring of the gate during all the works. In case of a major movement, warning systems were set up to ensure immediate notification to the staff working on the dry-dock as well as the site managers.

All the data was available in real time via the Internet thanks to our Sixense software.

Project Key figures

1 Cyclops
14 Measurement points with high frequency control
34 Months of automatic monitoring

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