Topometric expertise for the Laser Mégajoule project | France

Project summary

Service provided:  Industrial topometric expertise, topometric simulations, high-precision measurements
Location:  Bordeaux, France
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Client:  MTR Corporation Leighton - John Holland JV
Period of the service:  2010
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

This remarkable simulation and industrial coordination

The French Atomic Energy Agency (CEA) launched the construction of a simulation tool to allow the avoidance of experiments on atomic bombs in the open environment.

This outstanding tool is intended for scientists to reproduce the thermonuclear fusion in laboratory conditions. It is formed by extremely powerful lasers which will concentrate their beams on a millimetre target. Laser Mega Joule (LMJ) uses a series of 240 laser beams to heat the target that gives off x-rays.

The first range of the tests showed the importance of a very precise positioning of the various elements as well as reliable deformation monitoring of all the structures to allow for an optimal concentration of the beams on the target for each experiment.

Sixense, in JV with the French Geographical Institute (IGN), provided an innovative solution to reach the 50 μm precision required for the proper operation of the experimental facility.
A network of Cyclops laser tracker allows quick identification of the position of the various elements and structures.
A set of different types of high-precision sensors was also installed in order to monitor the deformations of structural elements in real time.

This remarkable simulation and industrial coordination work has been carried out on the site for 5 years, based on the AERO quality standards.

Project Key figures

50 μm of accuracy
2 500 Points
5 Years on site
30 Years longitivity

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