Diverse issues and needs throughout the life cycle of your networks

For your road network projects, it is essential to have knowledge of the risks linked to the terrain, the environment and the infrastructure. This guarantees you the necessary level of safety duing the construction phase, as well as for future operation.

Construction sites, for their part, must meet ever-increasing productivity requirements and imply optimised production deadlines.

In addition, when operating your networks, it is important to guarantee an optimal level of service. Anticipating maintenance needs and the climatic resilience of infrastructures are therefore fundamental factors.

Knowledge of the assets and their condition is also essential for optimising maintenance. Moreover, these are the levels of requirements that must be met in a constrained budgetary context.


Our solutions and services support you throughout the lifecycle of your networks

  • We qualify the risks linked to your projects and your assets
  • We support you in your approach to digitising your processes and offer you the tools to digitise your assets: digital twin, modelling of your infrastructures and simulations of extreme stress
  • We provide you with decision-making and reporting support tools
  • We provide you with predictive maintenance devices and maintenance consulting services
  • We provide on-site inspection of materials and structures, instrumentation and monitoring/auscultation of pavements and structures
  • We draw up studies of the resilience of your infrastructures in relation to an identified climatic risk