Novia uses artificial intelligence to tell you whether or not particular sounds originate on your worksite.

This solution allows you to readily identify excessive noise levels caused by your on-site work, as opposed to those originating in the surrounding area.




How Novia benefits your worksites

Novia is easily integrated into existing site monitoring networks with no major modification to those infrastructures already in place.

Used in association with the Geoscope platform, acoustic monitoring becomes a valuable decision-support tool, because:

  • It reduces the risks of complaints, penalties and site stoppages
  • It gives you a solid factual basis on which to negotiate worksite restrictions and exemptions with the appropriate authorities (night works, extended project deadlines, etc.)

Principle of operation

SIXENSE NOVIA Identifiez automatiquement les événements sonores imputables ou non à votre chantier

Download the presentation of our solution

The Novia solution gives you:

  • A clear indication of worksite compliance in real time
    The information generated by Novia is useful as a direct input to project management:
    “Is the excess noise level coming from my worksite or not?”
  • Genuinely automated sound recognition
    You no longer have to investigate the origins of noise level exceedances, because Novia does it for you.
  • Greater transparency and accuracy
    in your communication with all stakeholders, from local residents to project owners and local authorities.